Multi-Bitrate HLS Live Video Streaming

Less Buffering with Adaptive Video Streaming Technology
Multi-Bitrate Streaming

StreamingVideoProvider offers adaptive streaming or also called multi-bitrate video streaming for your live broadcasts as long as your RTMP encoder can send up to 3 separate RTMP streams with different resolution and bitrate / quality. Our streaming video player will automatically and dynamically change the quality depending on the individual viewer's connection speed. If your viewer starts with a low bandwidth and suddenly gets more the player will bump the user up to a higher quality stream. This means that you won't have to compromise your broadcast quality for clients with better connections whilst still catering for users with low speed connections. Giving you the best of both worlds.

Key Features

  • Send Multiple Quality Broadcasts such as HD1080p, HD720p and SD480p.

  • Player Automatically Changes and Adapts to the correct quality for each individual connection.

  • If viewers suddenly has more or less bandwidth available the player will automatically up or downgrade the viewer's quality

How To Setup Multi-Bitrate Live Streaming

  1. Create a new Live Broadcast

  2. Go to Video Settings > Delivery Method > Switch to HLS (as opposite to RTMP)

  3. Open the Broadcast Panel and choose Wirecast as your source

  4. Copy the RTMP URL and Stream Key for your primary stream

  5. Add the number 2 and number 3 at the end of the Stream Key to send the second and third RTMP stream.

  6. Enjoy Multi-Bitrate Live Event Video Broadcasting

    Stream 1:
    RTMP URL= rtmp://

    Stream 2:
    RTMP URL= rtmp://

    Stream 3:
    RTMP URL= rtmp://

Video Tutorial

Learn How Stream Live Multi-Bitrate Using FMLE & WireCast

Learn How To Do Live Multi-Bitrate Video Streaming with Wirecast

Learn How To Do Live Multi-Bitrate Video Streaming with Flash Media Live Encoder FMLE.

Learn more about our live video streaming services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do multi-bitrate streaming?

  1. Because your viewers will have better experience with less buffering as each viewer gets the stream that is best suited to their internet connection.
  2. Click on [Publish On Your Website]

Do I need to send multiple streams or one high def one?

You need to send multiple ( up to 3) streams and each viewer, depending on their network speed, will connect to one of them and auto adjust adaptively based on changes in their network speed.

Do I need to have more uplink for multi bitrate streaming vs single stream?

Yes you should have at least 30% more uplink speed than the total bitrate of the multi bitrate streams.

Does your EzeCaster Pro support multi-bitrate?

Yes, Multi Bitrate Streaming is part of the core EzeCaster Pro system.

Can I do multi-bitrate streaming with RTMP opposite to HLS?

No. This is currently not possible.

Can I do multi-bitrate streaming with Flash Media Live Encoder and Wirecast?

Yes here is the guide on how to do multi-bitrate streaming with FMLE and how to do multi-bitrate streaming with Wirecast.

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