YouTube Alternative For Live Streaming And Private Video Sharing

Youtube Alternative with Live Streaming & Pay-Per-View

Sell Your Videos and Live Streams

No Censorship And Sudden Take Downs

Strong Content Security and Protection

Embed On Your Site Or Share Privately

Youtube Alternative with Pay-Per-View


Monetization Without Commissions

Monetize your premium videos, get paid to live stream and run WebTV channels by offering Pay-Per-View to your viewers. All transactions are made instantly and directly into your PayPal account, without paying any commission!

Live Video Streaming CDN

Advanced Live Event Streaming

Stream from iOS Devices, RTMP Encoder, Scheduled Playouts or stream directly from IP Cameras

Stream your events live with full privacy and security control. You can also record the streams to give your viewers the opportunity to catch up later so they never miss a moment.

Video On Demand

Your Branding On Your Site

No Ads + Keep Your Copyrights

StreamingVideoProvider lets you publish your video on your website or social media. You can also add your own branding or remove it completely. Best of all you can be assured that there will never be any unwanted advertisements on your videos and you get to keep all your Copyrights.

On Your Site
Your Branding
No Ads
Your Ads
Keep Your Rights
YouTube Branding
YouTube Adverts
YouTube Takes Rights
More Security

Private Video Streaming & Hosting

Looking to host private videos and password protect videos on YouTube?

You can host private videos, password protect and prevent users downloading them only with the user of a professional video hosting platform that comes with Domain Name Locking, Geo Locking and IP Locking. Securely encrypt your video content with RTMP Encryption and prevent unauthorized downloads of your videos.

Domain Lock
IP Lock
RTMP Encryption
Password Protection

* Disclaimer: Data correct as of June 2014