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Stream To Any Site

Multistream Restream To Youtube


Multistream Restream To Facebook


Multistream Restream To Periscope


Multistream Restream To Twitch


Multistream Restream To Ustream IBM


Multistream Restream To RTMP Servers

Custom Destination

One Dashboard

On/Off Channel Toggle

- Flick a switch to enable or disable a channel.

Real-time Status

- Instantly see which channels are online.

Multistreaming to any RTMP server
Restream to Wowza Vimeo Akamai Adobe FMS

You Are In Control

Multiple custom channels

- Stream to multiple Facebook groups and public pages, YouTube channels, websites, etc.

Your own servers

- We support Wowza, Akamai, Vimeo, Red5 and other popular hosting and streaming services.


Try all features for 15 days. No contract. No credit card needed.

Works With Any Setup...

Restream RTMP Encoder IP Cameras Mobile

...And Any Equipment

Software Encoders

OBS, Wirecast, vMix, you name it.

Restream Curve Line

IP Cameras

All H.264 IP RTSP cameras.

Restream Curve Line

Smartphones and Tablets

Any RTMP streaming app.

Restream Curve Line

Hardware Encoders

EzeCaster Pro, Tricaster, VidiU, and more.

Save It For Later

Cloud Recording

- Save each live stream automatically to our secure video cloud.

Instant playback

- The recording is available within minutes.

Restream Platforms With Cloud Recording
Restreaming Video Platform With Global CDNMultistreaming GlobePointer - USA Multistreaming GlobePointer - Europe Multistreaming GlobePointer - Brazil Multistreaming GlobePointer - Canada Multistreaming GlobePointer - Australia Multistreaming GlobePointer - China Multistreaming GlobePointer - UK Multistreaming GlobePointer - Africa

Reach Viewers Worldwide

Global CDN

- With 18 content delivery points spread across the world, your viewers will be able to tune in instantly, anywhere.

Stream to China

- StreamingVideoProvider works even in Mainland China.

More About The Global CDN

Monetize With Pay Per View

Quick setup

Just pick a price & payment gateway

Instant payout

We don't hold your money

No commissions

You keep 100% of the revenue

Protect Your Content


- Lock each stream with a unique password and prevent password sharing with two-factor authentication.

Advanced security

- Discourage screen recording with Dynamic Watermarks, limit access with GEO and IP restrictions, and more.

More About Video Security


Try all features for 15 days. No contract. No credit card needed.


No, you don't. Traditionally, multistreaming means that you make "copies" of your live stream for each platform you want to be on. This causes a number of issues like 1) having two or more simultaneous streams will slow down your internet connection causing glitches and buffering and 2) most encoders can't handle multiple streams which means you will need a separate camera + encoder for each website.

Instead of creating multiple copies, StreamingVideoProvider takes one high-quality stream from you and sends it to the cloud. This single stream is then distributed to all the different platforms you're broadcasting on.

No, you can multistream with your current setup.

Yes, if you have the necessary equipment. We will take your HD stream and send it to each platform, preserving the original quality. Note that, once your live stream gets to the destination platform, they control the video quality. For example, YouTube will give viewers the ability to change the bitrate but other websites might not.

Yes! You can set up your own custom RTMP streams. This allows you to go live on any platform that supports live video streaming. See our guide on how to multistream for more details.