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The Best Dynamic Microphone For Streaming (Full Comparison)

Successful streamers, vloggers, and content creators have all been making the most of modern improvements in both the streaming hardware that they use and their respective live streaming platforms.

Best Dynamic Microphone For Streaming

Modern premium streaming services are now offering support for ultra-high bitrate resulting in a fantastic image and sound quality. Not only are many streamers now looking for the best cameras for live streaming. They are also seeking out the best dynamic microphone for streaming to give their broadcast a more professional sound.

It is easy for creators to get caught up in new visual technologies such as HDR 10 and 4K screen resolution, but many forget about utilizing high-end dynamic microphones to improve their sound.

This can make a huge impact on the overall quality of your broadcast and result in a more professional stream.

Why use a dynamic microphone for streaming?

Dynamic Microphone For Streaming

Many different types of content will benefit from utilizing dynamic microphones. Content such as podcasts, interviews, and gaming commentary all benefit from the cardioid polar response pattern found in many dynamic microphones. This ensures that softer sounds and noises in the background and on either side of the mic are captured less. In most cases, they are blocked out altogether.

This can be particularly useful for live shows, conventions, and conferences where many people are present with a high level of background noise. Think about a noisy event at your children’s school where the school is live streaming youth sports.

Dynamic microphones are great for streaming due to their versatility, and all-around capability for a wide range of scenarios. That being said, condenser microphones are still very popular amongst streamers that are starting.

Many high-end dynamic microphones have comparable sound quality, but it is important to look at consistency in quality and also features such as shock mounts and connection types.

Which are the best dynamic microphones for streamers?

Top 10 Dynamic Microphones

We filtered down our list of top 10 dynamic microphones leaving the top 5 — the best of the best that are suitable for a variety of content types.

There are many high-quality options to choose from when it comes to dynamic microphones. Picking one that is the best fit for you depends on a few factors — not just sound quality.

Many high-end dynamic microphones have comparable sound quality, but it is important to look at consistency in quality and also features such as shock mounts and connection types.

Another factor to consider is the connection type. For streaming, it’s best to use an XLR microphone instead of a USB microphone.

Also, polar patterns are an important factor when choosing a dynamic microphone. Some mics have supercardioid patterns which have their positives and negatives depending on your streaming setup.

So, what is a dynamic microphone, and which options should you consider? Let's put some of the best options into a table to see how they compare.



Included Extras

Polar Pattern


Shure SM7B

50 Hz - 20 kHz


Air-suspension shock and vibration isolator



Rode Podmic

20Hz - 20 kHz


In-built pop filter



Rode Procaster

75Hz - 18 kHz


Internal shock mounting of the capsule, internal pop filter



Sennheiser MD441-U

30 Hz - 20 kHz


Clamp and storage box




40 Hz-15 kHz


Built-in swivel mount



Shure SM7B

Streaming Dynamic Mic

Suitable for commentary, music, and podcasting, the Shure CM7B is a great option for nearly all streamers and situations. It has a cardioid polar pattern and does well to eliminate any background noises or interference from electronic devices nearby. It’s ideal for those looking for a clean and professional sound.

The SM7B comes with a built-in air suspension shock absorber and vibration isolator. This means that, in addition to eliminating background noise, it can reduce the impact of accidental bumps or knocks while in use.

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone
  • Solid build quality
  • Eliminates background noise and “hum” successfully
  • Built in air-suspension shock and vibration isolator
  • Slightly on the expensive side

Rode Podmic

Best Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

Made with an emphasis on podcasting, the Podmic is a great fit for streamers that are regularly broadcasting podcasts and interviews. The Podmic has a cardioid polar pattern and has a built-in pop filter to block those pesky plosives. The result is a rich and smooth, clear sound. This option would also be ideal for those looking to provide commentary over video content.

It has a solid metal construction and is easily transported if you are someone that regularly streams your content from different locations. This is a cheap dynamic microphone in price, but the build quality is anything but cheap.

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone
  • In-built pop filter
  • Solid design and robust build quality
  • Competitively priced
  • Orientating the microphone can be tricky due to the swing clip

Rode Procaster

Good Dynamic Mic For Streaming

The Rode Procaster is designed with commentary and live casting in mind, offering a balanced and clear sound. Similar to the Podmic, the Procaster has a built-in pop filter but also has an internal shock mounting of its capsule for low handling noise. It is also a very robust and solid microphone suitable for regular transportation between locations.

This mic would also be suitable for high-end voiceover work due to the consistently clear sound that it outputs. This is because its cardioid polar pattern reduces unwanted background noise.

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone
  • In-built pop filter
  • Internal shock mounting
  • Robust design
  • Can seem larger and harder to position than the competition

Sennheiser MD441-U

Best Dynamic Vocal Mic

The Sennheiser MD441-U is a high-end dynamic microphone that is suitable for vocals as well as a selection of musical instruments including drums. This makes it a more versatile option compared to many of its competitors, but it comes at a significantly higher price point.

The MD441-U is considered a supercardioid microphone which further reduces the background sounds detected by the sides of the microphone. In some cases, this can result in sounds behind the microphone being picked up, however.

  • Dynamic super-cardioid microphone
  • Comes with clamp and storage box
  • High-quality sound
  • Metal body, robust design.
  • Supercardioid polar pattern can pick up unwanted sounds behind the mic in some setups


Best Mic And Mixer For Streaming

With the ability to produce fantastic bright vocals, the MXL BCD-1 is a popular option for many as it packs a punch at a reasonable price. This microphone also has a built-in swivel mount, allowing easy maneuvering and adjustment.

Aiming for bright and rich sounds, the MXL BCD-1 is a popular option amongst streamers of all types and even vocalists. It also has noise cancellation from the sides that works well in noisy environments. This allows consistently reliable recording in busy rooms.

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone
  • Built-in swivel mount
  • Built-in shock mount
  • Great noise cancellation from sides
  • Needs a lot of gain to produce its best sound


The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in a dynamic microphone. There are many things to consider when labeling a microphone as “the best”. Different streamers require different things from their mic.

Some use a microphone for just podcasting, others need a versatile solution that is robust and suitable for regular transport to different locations.

If you have read through the above comparisons within our table, you can easily see which microphone is best for you and your content type.

This is best judged on a case-by-case basis, but we feel that dynamic microphones such as the Rode Podmic and the Rode Procaster are near perfect for podcasting and general commentary. Both are very competent as streaming dynamic mics and are very reasonably priced.

Having built-in pop-filters and a solid robust design makes it suitable for those on the move in addition to reducing the need for buying external accessories.

Dynamic microphones with XLR cables are also great for live performances and ideal for musicians. They are great options for those that want to broadcast live interviews or podcasts within crowded venues, too.

Shotgun microphones are good at capturing a narrow area while simultaneously blocking out background audio and general environment noise. This makes them a viable option for live-streaming as typically, the sound source the microphone is capturing will be directly in front of the mic.

If you are looking to use your microphone for multiple content types, it might be worth choosing a more versatile microphone.


Whatever your content type, there will be a dynamic microphone for you that can take your broadcast quality to the next level. If you know that your streams will always be centered around podcasts and interviews, one of the Rode options will be a good fit for you.

Out of the options above, the Sennheiser MD441-U is definitely a contender for the best dynamic vocal mic due to the output sounding fantastic for both singing and recorded instruments.

If you are looking for something towards the top end of what is available, the Sennheiser MD441-U is worthy of your cash. It is a very good dynamic mic for streaming or recording vocals. Many broadcasters say it is the best dynamic broadcast microphone despite its high price point.

Many streamers frequently ask which is the best microphone for streaming and the best mixer for streaming. But as we mentioned, it all depends on what you are recording, and your recording environment. There are many versatile microphones and equipment types, but it is best to spend a bit more time researching to get the best tool for the job. You may even consider an all-in-one live production.

Some final things to consider to ensure you choose the right dynamic microphone

  • Will you be branching out into different types of content?
  • Are you going to be in noisy environments while recording?
  • Will you need to transport your microphone frequently?
  • Think about accessories you may need, and which mics come with solutions included

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