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Password Protection

Easy & simple way to password protect your video content.

You can password protect single, group or all of your videos and allow only an authorized users to access them, manage password expiry period, total allowed views etc. - giving you full control.

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Video Encryption & Hotlinking Protection

Our 128 Bit AES / RC4 encrypted video streaming CDN delivery protects your videos from being downloadable and potentially stolen by an unauthorized viewers who are using video downloading tools. We understand the value of your video content and we provide world class encryption that will keep your videos safe.

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Video Hosting with Geo Blocking Restrictions

Geo-Blocking Access Restrictions

You have the ability to control and limit your allowed viewers by applying geo restrictions. This can be set with a high degree of detail which will only pernmit viewers from certain zones such as cities, areas and countries. Your videos, your rules.

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Video Hosting with IP Lock Access Restrictions

IP Access Restrictions

The IP access control option ensures that only allowed IP addresses and IP ranges see the configured videos. Our server then isolates your videos form un-wanted viewers and blocks their access to the videos, keeping them safe from prying eyes.

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