Geo-Blocking / Filtering Video Access Restrictions

Limit the access to your live or on-demand video content to specific countries or regions

Geo Restrictions

You can manage the geo access for your live and video-on-demand content by authorizing / denying viewers located in specific counties or regions.The following options are available:

  • Allowed All – Your video is allowed to be viewed from all Counties and Regions.

  • Allowed Only - Only your selected Counties and Regions will be allowed to view your video.

  • Allow All Except – All Counties and Regions except the chosen Counties and Regions will be able to view your video.

Getting Started

  1. To enable Geo restrictions and create a Rule Template, which can be applied to other videos and playlists simply click on the "Settings" Button located next to the video or playlist name, scroll down and "Enable Security Restrictions".

  2. Once enabled, you need to create a Security Rule Template give it a name such as “My Restrictions” and click on the "Save Button".

    Geo-Blocking / Filtering Video Access Restrictions
  3. Now click on the Geo Restriction choice list and choose your preferred restriction setting such as "Allowed Only". Enter your IP addresses and hit the "Return Key" on your keyboard, for example Europe. If you click OK on the pop up message, you’ll allow it to all European countries. If you wish to allow all the European countries except only few of them, type Europe, click on the Cancel button in the pop up message and then remove any of the countries from the list, for example United Kingdom. Then apply template changes and save changes. This will block any viewers that are not on your geo location list.

Applying existing restriction rules to other videos and playlists.

  1. Now that you have created a restriction rule you can easily apply the rule to other videos and Playlists by clicking on the "Settings" button located next to the Video or Playlist name and "Enable Security Settings" ( You may need to enable "Advanced Options" in the Playlist settings section to see the "Enable Security Settings" button.)

  2. Now simply choose the previously created Rule template from the dropdown list and click on the "Save Changes", button to apply your rule.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit of applying geo blocking / filtering restrictions on my videos?

  1. As an example, you may work with licensed content that should be seen only by viewers from specific countries. Or your content may be aimed at a specific market.

Can I block my videos to whole continent?

Yes, and you can even exclude certain countries from the continent. For example Allow only Europe but exclude France from within Europe.

Can I block specific cities?

Not yet. We will be releasing this feature in near future.

Can proxies cheat the system?

Yes unfortunately. We do plan to start blocking well known proxies in the near future however there is no guarantee that proxy users will be blocked successfully due to the nature of proxies.

Can a legitimate viewer be recognised in wrong geo zone and be blocked?

Yes, it is extremely rare but it can happen due to the constant migration of the running out IPv4 addresses between ISPs. What that means is that European IP addresses may be ported to American users who can be recognised as being in Europe and vice versa.

Can I predefine different templates of GEO restrictions and use them with my videos?

Yes you can create multiple pre configured templates and link them to your videos to save time instead of applying settings manually over and over.