We rebuilt StreamingVideoProvider from the ground up! Here’s what’s new.

StreamingVideoProvider Is Reborn

Today is not a regular day at work. As you walk around the office, you can feel the excitement bubble up and become so dense that you can almost touch it. The entire floor is buzzing and humming as we complete the very last test. It’s done. Finally!

For 3 years, we worked to rebuild StreamingVideoProvider from scratch so that we can make it lightning fast and improve each and every feature. Looking back, it was an enormous challenge but absolutely worth it!

Here’s what’s new
  • Faster, Simpler and More Intuitive: No more moving back and forth between settings screens and waiting for pages to load! Enjoy the new, insanely fast “one page application” experience, where all media, settings, and publishing tools are a mouse click away.
  • Playlists & Playlist Folders: Organizing your media into playlists and playlist folders is a walk in the park. You can drag & drop individual or multiple items and quickly move them from one playlist to another, duplicate them or create short links.
  • Quick Publishing: Whether you want to publish a single video or a playlist, to enable live chat or to sync presentation slides for your upcoming webinar, the right publishing options are automatically suggested to you. With a single click, you can get an embed code for your website or share your work via a private link, Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Pay-Per-View: We made it easier for anyone to post a PPV video or live stream. With the “Simple PPV” option, you just set a price for an individual video and you can instantly start selling it online. Advanced options are available if you want to set up rentals, passes or subscriptions.
  • Password Protections: The new “Simple Password” option lets you protect individual videos with custom passwords. Just type in the password and click “Save”. The advanced options allow you to control who has access and find out who has used the password (e.g. customers, employees, departments).
  • Analytics: Analyze data related to all or individual videos. Heatmaps and more detailed analytics are coming soon.
  • Best Video Content Management (Video CMS): Change settings at the global, playlist and individual media level. This way you can quickly apply settings to a group of videos or even your entire media library. You can also select multiple items, move them across playlists, duplicate, sort or delete them.
  • Media Filters, Advanced Search & Navigation URLs: Search your media library by type, tag, and other criteria. Save your searches and let our smart navigation URLs will take you to the right place.
  • Video Ads & Banners: We’ve added another way to monetize your videos! As an addition to Pay-Per-View, you can now run pre, mid and post roll video ads on. All you need to do is register with a 3rd party VPAID / VAST advertisement server like Adsense or DoubleClick.
  • Fully Responsive Panel: View, manage and upload videos wherever you are! The new admin panel works not only desktop computers but also on smartphones and tablets. Record videos on the go and let our HTML5 resumable uploader take care of the rest—it works even with a large video and a choppy internet connection.
  • New Help Center: The new StreamingVideoProvider comes with more ways to solve technical issues. You’ll be able to get help via:
  • Live Chat with an AI function enables you to get support across the website and in the admin panel.
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