Platform Update: Stronger Passwords & Smarter Tickets

Platform Update Stronger Password & Smarter Tickets

Some videos are just meant for a limited number of eyeballs. If you operate with sensitive content — whether it’s an executive board meeting or a high-value training video — this StreamingVideoProvider update is for you.

Stronger Video Passwords

In many cases, you will want to make sure that a video password can’t be shared with a third party and can’t be used if it leaks. That’s why we’ve added the Prevent Password Sharing feature in ⚙️ Settings > Access Control > Password Protection.

Select a Password Package and a Password Group within it. You’ll see Prevent Password Sharing on the right with three options:

  • Disabled: Password can be shared between users.
  • IP Fingerprint: Password can only be shared between devices on the same home or office computer network.
  • Device Fingerprint: Password can’t be shared. The password can only be used on one device at a time which has to be authorized first.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Smarter PPV Tickets

PPV tickets have had the Prevent Ticket Sharing sharing setting for a while which was set to Device Fingerprint by default. Some viewers found this difficult because they had to enter a code every time they switched to a new device. Now, we’ve added the IP Fingerprint option and made it default. This helps your viewers switch seamlessly between devices on the same network.

Go to ⚙️ Settings > Pay-Per-View > Paywalls & Tickets and select a paywall to test this new feature.

Prevent Ticket Sharing

Other Improvements

  • Custom sender email now has to be tested before it can be used. This helps prevent human error when specifying custom SMTP settings.
  • Added Flexform support for CCBill
  • Added ability to set custom video passwords that are duplicates of sold PPV ticket passwords
  • Added fallback to default purchase confirmation email if the custom template was deleted
  • Improved PPV ticket appearance in playlist player

Bug Fixes

  • Affiliate commission was sometimes not updated in the admin dashboard
  • Chat embed code issues in Live Studio
  • PPV order confirmation email could not be resent when the related clip/live stream was deleted
  • False error message about playlist limitation was shown when playlist folder was selected
  • Video thumbnail was sometimes not generated when sharing video to social media
  • 2FA email template was sometimes reset to default
  • 2FA emails were not sent in some cases
  • The password field didn’t work properly in some cases in the popup player

Behind The Scenes: What’s Next?

  • Multistreaming — sending your live streams to multiple destinations such as social media platforms or sites you own directly from the StreamingVideoProvider admin.
  • Separate team sub-accounts that will consume shared resources from the main account.
  • Even more advanced media scheduling options and a countdown timer.


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