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"UK Business video streaming and video hosting services."

StreamingVideoProvider UK offers business and corporate users cheap HD streaming video hosting and live video streaming services delivering video streaming to desktop and mobile devices such as PC, Mac, iOS (iPhone / iPad), Androids.

The video hosting service comes with video uploaders and encoders that let you host and stream large and long HD videos. Business users can also do live video streaming from rtmp encoders, or iOS mobile broadcaster apps, customise and generate HTML5 / Flash web video players and embed on webpages.

With local video streaming PoPs and CDN in UK, USA, Asia and Europe, StreamingVideoProvider is able to offer affordable service with prices starting from £9 GBP. Business phone support is included as part of the streaming service plans.

Stream Your Live Events Easily

No Ads - Your Brand - Full Control

On Your Website & Social Networks

Delivered to All Devices

Live Recordings for Instant VoD Playback

Streaming live events using the live video streaming service is easy.

Business users can connect their webcams or live stream directly from the EzeCaster Pro hardware multibirate encoder or by using any other RTMP encoder.

You can then broadcast a live stream to all devices including iOS and Android. The video players will auto detect the device and will switch between Flash or HTML5 players. The dynamic bitrate streaming ensure viewer bandwidth detection and smooth HD streaming.

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Make Money From Your Videos

Pay-Per-View - Subscriptions - Your Own Ads

Easy To Set Up & Embed On Your Site

Accept Payments By Cards & Paypal

0% Commission / Keep All The Revenue

Your Branding and Style Everywhere

Highly customizable video players & applications

Easy To Create & Customize

Huge Choice of Styles & Layouts

Wide Range of Embedding Options

Protect and Secure Your Videos

Be in charge with protection & access control

Secured RTMP Streaming

Domain, GEO & IP Restrictions

Password & Paywall Options

Private and secure video hosting

Need to learn how to protect streaming video from being stolen? Secure video hosting that offers high protection using IP , Geo and Domain security control is very important if you are trying to protect your premium video content especially if you are trying to sell access on pay-per-view basis. Your viewers must be block to illegally download your videos.

StreamingVideoProvider offers unmatched pay-per-view (ppv) video solutions that enable you to sell your videos and make money by offering ppv or subscriptions.

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What Our Customers Say?

“ It is of very high importance for us to work with a company which is 100% committed to our extremely high quality standards and SVP has proven to be able to do so.”

Tonny Gottlieb


EzeCaster Mobile

Mobile Live Streaming
Anytime, Anywhere
EzeCaster Mobile

EzeCaster Mobile lets you broadcast your live events from any location. Thanks to 3G, 4G and Wireless connection support, your viewers will never miss a moment. It is as simple as open the App and start broadcasting.

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EzeCaster Pro

Professional HD Live Streaming
Made Easy With Simple Plug-And-Play
EzeCaster Pro Video Encoder

The EzeCaster Pro is a stand-alone full HD live video encoder that accepts HD and SD a/v signal. Video broadcasters can now deliver Multi-bitrate HD live video streaming to Flash, iOS and Android devices using the StreamingVideoProvider delivery service.

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10 Great Reasons to Choose Our Service


The Most Complete & Affordable Video Platform


Intuitive Tools Make it


Completely Customizable for Your Business


Fully Scalable - 100% Uptime Guaranteed


Full-Featured with Excellent Screen Quality


Content Privacy, Strong Security and No Ads


Monetize Your Videos in Minutes


Lowest Price


White-Label, Affiliate and Partnership Opportunities


Free Telephone and 24/7 Email Support

It Just Keeps Getting Better


Multi-bitrate Streaming, New CDN Delivery Points, Improved Recordings and much more...

StreamingVideoProvider is happy to announce some new major improvements to our live streaming video services, giving you greater flexibility and highly advanced live broadcasting tools.

Our major September 2014 update includes:

- Multi Bitrate HLS Streaming for Live Event Broadcasts - Read more »

- New Cast Entry Points Servers which allow you to broadcast your RTMP stream to closer servers. Closer servers mean faster and more reliable transmissions for you as broadcaster and better experience for your viewers.


1. Primary server needs to be updated to: rtmp:// (You may have to stop, update and start the encoder again if you are currently broadcasting live)

2. Make sure the backup server is blank ( remove any backup server if you are currently using any as these are not required anymore)

3. Make sure the video codec is set to H264

4. Make sure the audio codec is either AAC or MP3 AND audio sample rate is 44100 or 48000

- More High-Speed Edge servers in US, EU and APAC for even faster and better delivery to your viewers.

- Greatly Improved Recordings feature.

- Faster loading on the WebTV Linear Streaming.

- Instant Response When Starting & Stopping Your Broadcasts

- General Fixes and Improvements throughout the video platform


Custom SMTP Settings For Pay-Per-View Emails

StreamingVideoProvider now gives you the ability to send the "Thank You" email that your clients get after a Pay-Per-View purchase directly from your own email address.


IP RTSP Cameras Live Video Streaming

You can now stream live your H.264 IP Cameras that use the RTSP streaming protocol. This gives you the ability embed live video player on your website or Facebook/Twitter pages and stream your IP Cams to many viewers at the same time.

Our video platform threats the IP Cams just as if it was a normal live streaming so all features the platform offers are also available, such as Pay-Per-View Monetization, Password Protection, Domain Restrictions, IP Restrictions and Geo Restrictions. Opening a whole new world of possibilities to RTSP IP Camera users.


EzeCaster Mobile App

EzeCaster Mobile puts everything you need to broadcast your live events from any location right at your fingertips. Thanks to 3G, 4G and Wireless connection support, your viewers will never miss a moment.

Features Include:
- Live Streaming from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
- Creating and managing Live Event Players.
- Uploading recorded videos directly from your mobile device.
- Managing all your On Demand videos in your library.

The EzeCaster Mobile application is normally available from the Business+ service plan and above.

As a special thank you to our existing and new customers, to celebrate the release of the EzeCaster Mobile, all users who are currently on our Business plan will be able to use the App.

SoHo, Soho+ and Trial users have the opportunity to use the app as part of the Business plan if upgraded by the 8th of January 2014.

See our EzeCaster Mobile Information page:

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Giving You All The Features Where Others Only Have Some

We are very proud to give you the most feature-rich video hosting service on the Internet. We add
more features weekly to your arsenal so that you can grow your business without limits

HD Live Streaming & Video Hosting CDN

Stream your HD live & video on-demand content securely, with full control and instant playback - no matter where your viewers are.
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Looking to monetize your videos or live broadcasts? In less than 15 minutes you can set up your own private membership solution.
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Video Security

Secured streaming over RTMP protects you from users downloading your videos to their computers with sniffing tools.
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Universal Device Delivery

Be sure that your content is delivered in the highest quality to all desktops, tablets, mobiles and connected TVs.
Read More

White Label Branding

Add your own branding (overlay logo or text) on top of the video and make StreamingVideoProvider completely invisible.
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Protection & Privacy

We recognize the importance of video privacy. You get full control over domain name, individual IP and Geo restrictions plus other options
Read More

VideoApps & Playlists

Video apps & Playlists can save you time and money that you'd have spent trying to develop them yourself. Simplify your productivity.
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Players & Customization

Creating, customizing and embedding your players is easy. We provide a large number of pre made and fully customizable players for your business
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Video Analytics

Discover where your viewers are located, when and what they are watching and how engaged they are in real time.
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Uploading & Encoding

Upload Once and Reach all devices. We provide automated video encoding for your videos. We also offer HTTP and FTP automation.
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Ad Free Viewing

No Advertisement, Just your content. Ad free players and broadcasts. Your clients see what you provide without interruptions.
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Developers & APIs

Need to interact with our video platform? We have advanced publisher API and JS API that enables you to do pretty much everything.
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