Live Video Scheduler

Schedule recorded videos and stream (or restream) them live.

How It Works

  1. Upload any media, any way
    • Upload any audio or video file from your computer
    • Import media from another website or from FTP/HTTP servers
    • Let users upload their own files

  2. Own your schedule
    • Broadcast a single video or a playlist
    • Create a full month of scheduled videos or broadcast at specific days and times
    • Create a 24/7 online WebTV channel if you like

  3. Stream and restream with ease
    • Set the playout order manually or with our smart rules
    • Broadcast your videos to multiple sites with a few mouse clicks

  4. Embed Or Share With A Click
    • That’s all it takes to embed your live Web TV channel on your site!
    • Share directly to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, in private messages or anywhere you like


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebTV or Linear streaming?

  1. It is like any TV live programme where 1) Programme is set to start at specific date and time 2) If you come late you would have missed the beginning because is live 3) The programme is made out of pre-recorded videos or live broadcasts.

Can I build long programme?

Yes you can. There are no restrictions on the number of media assets you can add to the playlist from where the WebTV Programme is fed.

Can I built multi programme for each day of the week?

Currently there is no such possibility but soon will be possible to loop from one playlist to another.

Can I add live broadcasts as media assets?

Currently no, but we are working on this feature

Can I use all the other features such as Pay-Per-View, Security, Branding etc... on the live webtv programme player?

Yes you can, These should be applied to the actual webtv live player. The properties of the individual media assets are ignored.

Does WebTV work on iOS and Android mobiles

Yes, they are fully compatible with mobile devices.