Schedule Videos To Run As Live Web TV

Web TV Scheduler enables you to create live web tv programme that starts at specific date & time

Live WebTV Streaming

This feature allows you to create a tv channel using time scheduled on demand videos from a playlist. It will generate one player and play all the videos in a specific playlist one after another starting at a specified time. The viewer would not get any control over the content as it is being delivered as a Live WebTV Channel broadcast.


  • VOD TV LOOP – Choose if your playlist should be broadcasted "One Time", "Daily" or on a "Loop"
  • VOD TV Start – Here you can choose the start date and the start time for your WebTV Channel broadcast.


Getting Started

To create a WebTV Live broadcast you will need to go to your “Video Playlists” section, choose your desired playlist and click on the “Settings” button located next to the playlist name.

  1. In the playlist settings, under the VoD TV Settings section you will need to choose if your playlist should be broadcasted “One Time”, “Daily” or on a “Loop” under the “VOD TV LOOP” drop down list.

    WebTV Live Broadcast
  2. Once you have chosen the occurrence of your playlist you will need to enter the start date and the start time for your WebTV broadcast by making your entries in the “VOD TV START” section.

    NOTE: Please bear in mind that currently all start dates and times are UK GMT based. We will soon enable time zone support, which will allow you to choose your own time zone.

  3. Now you just have to click on the “Save and Return To My Panel” button to complete the playlist set up.

  4. Now that your Playlist is set up you will need to create a Live Player, which will be used to publish your playlist with. To Create a Live Player you will need to go to the “Single Videos” section and click on the “New Live Broadcast” button. Then click on the “Settings” tab and enter your desired “Video Title”.

  5. Now scroll down in the settings sections and your previously created playlist from the “WEBTV PALYLIST” drop down menu. Now you simply need to click on “Save Changes”. This will save your changes and return you to the “Single Videos” section.

    WebTV Playlist Settings
  6. Now you will simply need to click on the “Publish” button located next to the new live broadcast name and generate your embed code to publish the player on your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebTV or Linear streaming?

  1. It is like any TV live programme where 1) Programme is set to start at specific date and time 2) If you come late you would have missed the beginning because is live 3) The programme is made out of pre-recorded videos or live broadcasts.

Can I build long programme?

Yes you can. There are no restrictions on the number of media assets you can add to the playlist from where the WebTV Programme is fed.

Can I built multi programme for each day of the week?

Currently there is no such possibility but soon will be possible to loop from one playlist to another.

Can I add live broadcasts as media assets?

Currently no, but we are working on this feature

Can I use all the other features such as Pay-Per-View, Security, Branding etc... on the live webtv programme player?

Yes you can, These should be applied to the actual webtv live player. The properties of the individual media assets are ignored.

Does WebTV work on iOS and Android mobiles

Yes, they are fully compatible with mobile devices.