7N's HD-Video Enriched Website proves successful in attracting and retaining visitors

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LONDON, September 15, 2010 - StreamingVideoProvider, the world's leading fully automated all-in-one platform that provides on-demand and live streaming video services announced today that 7N A/S, a Copenhagen-based consulting and training company with offices in India, China, Norway, Poland, Holland, Sweden and the UK, with over 20 years' market experience in complex system development providing high-quality consulting services in both the private and public sectors, the main area of expertise being in the support and development of complex solutions introduced by clients' IT development departments has seen substantial increase in traffic to its website since introducing online video broadcasts.

Innovating corporate brand building, 7N's Mr.Tonny Gottlieb, CTO says, "As a leading player in the consulting and training arena, we wanted to enable online videos on our site to primarily educate visitors about our capabilities, offerings, network and positioning. I am happy to say the model has been extremely successful !"

Voicing 7N's parameters for choosing the right partner, he says, "We were particular about an online video platform that would integrate with our own home grown application - an interface with high flexibility and minimal restrings. Most importantly we wanted the refurbishment to happen with minimal human intervention."

"While the integration process was underway and 7N readied their front-end to include video broadcast, they started using the pre-configured "TV Channel" which enabled them to "create and customize their own online TV channels. With full remote control over the entire TV channel, they found it easy to create and launch their videos. We found in 7N a great customer. Their 100% commitment to high quality mirrors our own." Says Mr. Deyan Shkodrov, CEO, StreamingVideoProvider.

With the StreamingVideoProvider's automated publishing feature allowing 7N to publish uploaded videos to the playlist or preview them first and then manually publish them, with unlimited number of videos in the playlist, HDTV quality with instant playback, 7N's videos have been extremely successful in visitor attraction and retention.

"During the deployment stage we were in close contact with the SVP engineers and have had a very smooth handling of any issues that we faced in building our front end for the video site. We are now starting to use HD video on all new productions and the StreamingVideoPlatform has the necessary capabilities to manage HD content. Finally, it is of very high importance for us to work with a company which is 100% committed to our extremely high quality standards and SVP has proven to be able to do the same." says Mr. Tonny Gottlieb, CTO, 7N.

About 7N

7N A/S, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a consulting and training company with 20 years' market experience in complex system development. The company provides high-quality consulting services in both the private and public sectors, the main area of expertise being in the support and development of complex solutions introduced by clients' IT development departments. 7N also trains IT specialists in a wide range of professional fields.

As a founding principle, 7N employs only the best and most experienced IT consultants. In Denmark, the organization currently places more than 250 specialized consultants, but remains operationally lean with around only a dozen employees in management, sales and administration. The success of the Danish operation has seen 7N embark on a program of international subsidiary expansion. Today, there are 7N companies in India, China, Norway, Poland, Holland, Sweden and now the UK, too.

Each subsidiary is unique and designed specifically to operate efficiently within the conditions and parameters of each country. What works in Denmark doesn't necessarily work in China but the country managers know how to optimize their territories and tailor their operations accordingly. However, all countries share common branding and the company's common ethos of honesty, business integrity and financial transparency.

Increasingly, there are contractors who have worked in one country who are relocating to another, transferring their skills to the new territory and maintaining their relationship with 7N - further evidence that people like working with 7N, some having done so continuously for 10 years or more. The company's global reach brings with it increasing opportunities for clients and contractors alike - if you'd like to discuss the potential for working across the 7N network please get in touch - we'll be delighted to make the necessary introductions to our colleagues on your behalf.

About StreamingVideoProvider

StreamingVideoProvider is an online on-demand & live streaming video platform that allows any video content owner to upload, encode, host, publish, stream and sell their videos online. With packages starting from only £9 / €10 / $14 per month and features such as Pay-Per-View & TV channel playlists, external uploaders for your website viewers, free video transcending, API access, FTP/HTTP watch folders plus many other useful tools, ours is the preferred platform for thousands of users around the world.

At StreamingVideoProvider we assist companies with the design, development and implementation of complex custom built streaming video solutions that will meet their particular business needs.Founded in 2006, StreamingVideoProvider is currently hosting over 100,000 videos and streaming over 30,000,000 minutes of video footage per year.


About StreamingVideoProvider's TV Channel Playlists

TV channel playlist is a combination of a main video player, playlist of videos, and a search engine - all generated with one click of a button! Ideal for users who are looking to publish many videos in the form of a playlist, with one-time embed code integration, 7N decided to use this feature immediately, as the playlist can be controlled later, without the need to modify the embed code any further. Once published in their website, 7N could immediately add videos to the playlist.

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