Starting Video Streaming Business has never been easier

Eliminating the infrastructure and operational overheads required for launching an online video platform which can typically run into several thousands of dollars not to mention the recurring monthly hosting fees, StreamingVideoProvider is offering its partners an out-of-the-box platform which can be implemented in next to no time.

StreamingVideoProvider’s Partner Program will enable partners to easily launch their own white-label video platforms, embed them in their own website(s) and start providing streaming video services to their clients.

Designed to provide complete freedom of business, the Partner Program entitles partners to set up their own pricing, tax scheme, payment methods and even provides them with the ability to translate the platform into their own language(s).

StreamingVideoProvider’s Partner Program is user friendly and requires no technical knowledge as it simplifies the process of starting an own online video business, by letting partners create and embed the entire user interface along with registration / log in forms onto their website(s). Their clients can then simply sign up and get immediate access to their own video panels where they will find a full set of comprehensive tools and solutions that totally simplify video publishing on the Internet.

Mr. Deyan Shkodrov, Founder and CEO of StreamingVideoProvider is excited as he says, “This is an excellent business opportunity for any company or entrepreneur who wants to cash in on the online video industry boom. Under normal circumstances, setting up an end-to-end online video platform will cost several millions of dollars. Not to mention the lead time of several years, required to develop a robust solution like our StreamingVideoPlatform. But by joining us, partners get an out-of-the-box white-label platform which can be up and running in less than two hours!”

Explaining the uniqueness of the program, Mr. Deyan Shkodrov said, “Our goal is to sign up hundred partners this year. Since the process is fully automated is designed to generate white-label platforms on-the-fly and hence, I believe, `hundred’ is a good launching number. For these chosen partners, we are taking away the hard work involved in creating an end-to-end solution and giving them an unbeatable offer which no other online video platform company is providing today. Not only do they get a next generation platform, as our privileged business partners, they will also have access to all the new features and solutions we roll out from time to time.”

Talking about their future plan, Mr. Shkodrov mentions that they are currently working on a solution which will allow hosting companies to use and utilize their own bandwidth and server resources along with their own online video platform.

Salient Features of the Partner Program:

  • Up to 30% discount on our service plans and add-on features.
  • No monthly overheads! No setup fees!
  • No need to purchase any hardware or invest in any development.
  • No restrictions! Choose your own profit margins and initial setup fees.
  • Generate a steady monthly income from your clients.
  • Save time & money – Fully automated video platform.
  • Expand your current offerings & add value to your business.

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