Pay-Per-View Video API Release

Custom Payment Gateways Support & Paid/Password Protected Tickets Management


We are very excited the announce the release of our Pay-Per-View API that enables users to integrate 3rd party payment / SMS processors with the StreamingVideoProvider's Pay-Per-View Paywall solution and also to manage your ppv tickets and passwords via the API.

If you are looking to integrate your country specific payment solution with our PPV, all you need is a bit of a help from a developer who can use our PPV API. Click here for documentation can be found here.

Once set up our Pay-Per-View API will allow you to use one or even multiple payment processors giving you the freedom of how and where you would like to receive your payments.

When it comes to managing the pay-per-view tickets or passwords, you can now use the following PPV API services:

33 . svp_set_free_video_mode
34 . svp_assign_video_tickets
35 . svp_list_advanced_packages
36 . svp_set_video_protection_mode
33 . svp_set_free_video_mode

Read more about the PPV API and explore the examples provided at the bottom of the artcile »


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit of using Pay-Per-View API?

We created the Pay-Per-View API system so you can enable any custom payment provider you may wish to use. this is especially useful if you want to take payments via SMS systems.

Can I create multiple Custom Payment Gateways via the API?

Yes upon request. Please contact us for more info.
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