White-Label Streaming Video Players

Apply Your Brand & Style Everywhere by Using Our White-Label Video Players


StreamingVideoProvider gives you the ability to add your own branding to your videos and live broadcasts players or remove the branding completely. Giving you full customization on what and how your viewers get to experience your content.


  • White-Label Branding – Removes all branding from the player leaving only the player controls.

  • Your Branding – Gives you the ability to brand the player with your own logo or text. A link can also be added to the branding to direct viewers to a desired url.

  • Sponsored Branding – This option brands the player with the StreamingVideoProvider brand and gives you lower consumption costs and streams.

(TIP) You can set the branding of your videos one by one or create a global brand which will automatically apply to all your newly added videos.

Getting Started


  • 1To brand your videos simply Log in to your account, Located the video you wish to lock and click on the ‘Settings’ button located next to the video or live event player name.

  • 2Now in the Settings section click on the ‘Branding’ located at the top right hand side to start branding your player.

  • 3Here you can choose from Sponsored Branding or White-Label branding. Select ‘White-Label’ if you wish to remove the branding completely or add your own branding.

  • 4In the White-Label option you can choose to ‘Global Branding’ which is your logo applied to all new video players, ‘Custom Branding’ which is your logo applied to the current player or 'Clear Branding’ which removes all brandings from the player.

  • White Label Players - Your Own Branding

  • 5If you select ‘Global Branding’ or ‘Custom branding’ then you get the following settings for your brand:

  • 5.1 - Link URL = You can enter the url where you would like to direct your viewers to if they click on the logo. For example your homepage.

  • 5.2 - Brand Logo Upload File = Here you can upload your brand image from your computer which will then be displayed in the player

  • 5.3 - Title = Here you can enter your company name or other text instead of using the brand logo"

  • 6When finished simply click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to complete the set up of your branding.

  • 7Go to Publish, customise and embed the white-label video player on your site, blog or social network.

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