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Learn more about your viewers and the videos they play by using Google Analytics plugin

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a great way to track the total number of video plays across your videos. Combined with the rest of the GA collected data, you can create wide range of reports such as:

  • Total amount of plays across all your videos during specific period of time.
  • Individual plays including title and ref number.
  • Find out which campaign, keywords, referral etc. led to the video plays.

Getting Started

To get started go to Account > Integration > Google Analytics and Enter your GA tracking code.

Please allow 24 hours before you can see the results.

Once you have logged into Google Analytics, click on "Content" > "Event" > “Top Events”. This will show you the total number of played videos for the selected period of time.

Browse & Organize Your Videos

To see the stats for the individual videos click on “Top Events” > “Secondary Dimension” select “Content” > “Page Title”

Browse & Organize Your Videos

You can also use the “Secondary Dimension” > “Technology”, “Traffic Sources” or “Visitors” to build more reports based on the rest of your website data.

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