Streaming Video Players with Playlists, Video Webcasting, Players with Presentation Slides

Do more with your videos! Engage with your viewers, monetize or password protect your video content using our powerful video applications.

Easy to Create & Customize

Creating video applications for your website, blog or social media has never been simpler. Thanks to the VideoApps Studio you can now interactively design your own video apps and publish them on the web. It takes less than 10 minutes and anyone can do it! Everything is done via your browser so there is nothing to install.

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Synchronize Slides With Video

Looking to create a synchronised, side by side video and power point slides presentation? Look now further because StreamingVideoProvider has this one covered. Simply upload your videos and presentation slides, set the timing for each slide and... voila. Your presentation slides will be in a perfect sync with the video playback.

Wait... that's now all. If you're doing live broadcasts, you can also push the presentation slides to your live audience, with a click of a button. Read more here

Know Your Audience

Having a live feedback from your audience is an essential part of each live event nowadays!

With StreamingVideoProvider you have all the tools and widgets under one roof and adding live chat box could't be simpler. With a click of a button, you can enable the live chat box and your viewers can either sign up with their Facebook or Twitter credentials or simply enter a nick name and start chatting with you.

Video Wall

The video wall is the ideal solution if you want to present many videos at once. Customising the video playlists, colors, element sizes, player skin etc.. is easy thanks to the VideoApps Studio.

Multiple Playlists Video Player

Video Apps with Multiple Playlists

Looking to organise your videos in categories, like an online tv channel?

Choose from wide range of video app templates to embed in your website, blog or social networks. Save time by adding and managing your playlists without the need to copy-paste the embed code every time you want to make any changes.

Call to Action

The VideoApps Studio has a powerful event engine, allowing you to display specific components such as "Call to Action" button based on specific conditions (at the end of the video, during playback, when paused etc..) making the entire experience interactive.

Play the video, then pause it to see the custom "Call to Action" button.

Agree to Watch

Using the event engine of the VideoApps Studio you can easily define custom requirements that your viewers need to meet before they are able to watch your videos or access the playlists.

In this example we have created a demo "Terms & Conditions" page. The user has to agree to the terms by clicking the button before the access is granted.

We have 100s more features available to suit your needs

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