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Top reasons to choose StreamingVideoProvider

More Affordable

Live Event Streaming

Pay-Per-View for Live & VoD

More Secure

#1 More Affordable

Starting from just £9

£159 / year

Save over


Live Event Streaming

#2 Live Event Streaming

And scheduled WebTV channels

Create Live Streams the easy way and broadcast your events online. You can even schedule a On-Demand playlist to be broadcasted as a Live WebTV Channel.


Video On Demand

Live Event Streaming

#3 Pay-Per-View

Monetization Without Commissions

With StreamingVideoProvider you can Monetize your Live Events, On-Demand Videos and WebTV Channels by offering your clients Pay-Per-View Videos. All payments go directly from your clients to your online bank so there are no waiting times. We also dont take any comissions and you get to keep all your proceeds from your sales.



High Commisions

Months to Get Paid

Pay-Per-View alternative to Vzaar

#4 More Security

Protect your content

Secure your content with professional security features such as Geo Locking, Domain Locking, and IP Locking. We also use RTMP Encryption to prevent un-authorised access and downloads of your videos and you can even Password Protect your videos for that extra layer of control.


Domain Lock


More Security

We have 100s more features available to suit your needs

Why not test it for yourself and start using the ultimate all-in-one platform today

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