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Embedded Player

This is the universal way of embedding videos on the web, especially when the video is the main content on that particular page. Your viewers can play the video directly.

You can customise the style of the video player so it matches your website, functionality, behaviour, add your logo and secure it so your content is safe.

Flash Video Player

Integrate your video player into AS3 Flash website or movie.

Pop-In Video Player

A video player that pops on your page and plays the video. This player is activated by a viewer clicking on a link or an image.

The Pop-In Player doesn't take up as much space on your web page as the Embedded Video Player.

Pop-Up Video Player

A video player that opens in a new controlled size browser window, once your visitor clicks on a specific link or picture on your web page.

The PopUp video Player generator creates a link that you can place on your site. The link can be customised with CSS.

Direct Link Video Player

The Direct Link is a hyperlink that opens the player in a full screen browser window. It's ideal when you'd like to send the video via email or post a link on Twitter or Facebook.

When the hyperlink is clicked, a new browser window is opened with the video player in it.

Transparent Video Player

Ideal for welcome videos and tutorials presented by a "live speaking person".
The player allows you to use transparent videos with Alpha Channels (these are specially edited videos that have no background) and make them appear on top of your webpage at specific coordinates that you have set.

You can increase dramatically your user engagement and conversion rate, since you can have a live talking person appearing on the screen presenting to your viewers.

Simple HTML Video Player

The Simple HTML Player is compatible with CMS Systems that accept HTML codes only and block Java scripts! Always try this player if you have problems with the Embedded Video Player

Live and VoD Webcasts with Presentation Slides

Syncing your webcast slides with the playback of the video could not be easier. You can link your presentation slides by uploading them from your computer into your account and then specifying the order and the timeline when they should change, so when viewers are watching the video, the slides are changing based on the video timing.

Webcast slides are also supported with your live broadcasts. You can easily "push" them live by clicking on them from the Broadcast Panel. Viewers can watch the live broadcast and see the pushed slides, all in real time.

White-Label Streaming Video Player (Private) Branding

White-Label (Private) Branding

Add your own branding (overlay logo or text) on top of the actual video and make StreamingVideoProvider completely invisible. Why? This enables you to resell the service under your own brand to your clients without any investment in infrastructure or development. Ideal solution for web designers, developers, live event organisers ect. The embed code is also white-label meaning our domain is not shown.

HTML5 Streaming Video Player with fallback & Flash

Smart Fallback HTML5 & Flash

Stream any video format to any device such as iPhone, iPad and Android could not be easier, thanks to our smart streaming video players and the embed code we provide you with. We remove all the complications that come between browsers, codecs and different file formats and give you more time to focus on your business.

Video Player Customization

Our streaming video players are highly customizable! You will be able to choose from a palette of primary colors and most popular website colors as well as custom colors. You can also change the opacity of the player so it effectively blends into your site's design.

Check out the interactive demo on the right >>

Streaming Video Player with Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

Reach new audiences by distributing your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress etc. or encourage viewers to spread the word to their friends with sharing buttons directly in your players. Embed your videos on Facebook or post them on Twitter - one click is all it takes.

Streaming Video Player with Subtitles

Subtitle Support

Adding subtitles to your pre-recorded (VoD) videos is easy. You can import the most common subtitle formats (src or sub) or create your own subtitles by specifying each line and the timing when to appear.

We have 100s more features available to suit your needs

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