Adaptive Multi-Bitrate Live Video Streaming with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder FMLE

StreamingVideoProvider now gives you the ability to do multi-bitrate live video streaming with Flash Media Live Encoder. Giving your viewers the best playback experience.

multi-bitrate live streaming with Flash Media Live Encoder FMLE
  • 1 Open your Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Choose your input size to the correct size.

  • 2 Now set your video format to H.264 and the frame rate to 25 or 30.

  • 3 In the bitrate section enable up to 3 bitrates starting with the highest. Such as (1) 1200 kbps @1280x720, (2) 700 kbps @ 720x404, (3) 200kbps @ 380x202. (The bitrates and sizes can be set to your liking)
    NOTE: Please ensure to check the total bandwidth required to output your stream as you will need to ensure that your broadband line has sufficient upload bandwidth available.

  • 4In the Audio section set the format to AAC and the sample rate must be a minimum of 44100 Hz
    NOTE: If the rate is below 44100 Hz you may encounter playback issues on certain devices.

  • 5 In the output settings enable "Stream to Flash media Server"

  • 6 Now copy the "RTMP URL" from your StreamingVideoProvider broadcast panel and paste it into the "FMS URL" section in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

  • 7 Now copy the "Stream Key" from your StreamingVideoProvider broadcast panel and paste it into the "Stream" section.

  • 8 To enable multi bitrate streaming you will need to add %i to the end of the "Stream Key" in the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder Stream Section. This activates all 3 streams from your encoder.

  • 9 Now simply click on "Start" to start your broadcast.

NOTE: If you open your live player on your website or via the direct link you can check and change the bitrate by clicking on the quality button in the player.

Multi-Bitrate Video Player

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