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Step by Step Guide

1. Login to your SVP Control Panel and go to TV Channel Playlists.

2. Create at least one TV Channel Playlist and add videos to it.

3. Click on Preview & Publish to enter the VideoApp Studio.

4. Start a new project or load a template.

5. Click on Publish to generate the embed code.

6. Copy and paste the code on your website to embed the project.


If you save and overwrite an existing project that has been already embedded on your website, this will immediately apply the new changes on your site even without you needing to replace the embed code.

This is a great way to update or upgrade your projects without the need of copy/paste the code every time on your site. You just need to be careful because the process is irreversible.

We recommend when you are working with live projects to use the Preview first and only save and overwrite the live project only when you wish to apply the changes.

If you don’t want to do that yet but wish to keep your changes, please Save As under different project name. Once you are ready to apply the changes, Load your project and go to Save and select the name of live project and press Save Project.

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