IP WebCam Streaming | H.264 RTSP IP Streaming

Easy Way To Embed and Stream Your IP RTSP Web Cams from Your Website or Facebook


Stream live your IP Webcams (they must be H.264 RTSP type) on your website, blog or social network such as Facebook or Twitter, without the needed of an encoder. See demo below

You can register and connect your IP Cams directly to our video platform. You can then generate and embed your live webcams anywhere you wish or simply share them using a private link. Your webcams can then be streamed by thousands of simultaneous viewers around the world, thanks to our live video CDN network, from any Desktop and Mobile device such as iOS and Android, in HD.

Our video platform threats the IP Cams just as if it was a normal live streaming so all features of the video platform are also available, such as Pay-Per-View Monetization, Password Protection, Domain Restrictions, IP Restrictions and Geo Restrictions. Opening a whole new world of possibilities to RTSP IP Camera users.


  • Stream & Record Multiple IP Cameras Simultaneously

  • Record your IP Camera stream to our Cloud DVR and publish it later as Video On Demand.

  • Make the stream Free to Watch, Pay-Per-View or Password Protected.

  • Enable advanced restrictions such as Domain Name Restrictions, IP Restrictions and even Geo Location Restrictions.

  • HD Streaming to Desktop and Mobile Devices including iOS and Android

  • All StreamingVideoProvider features are compatible with RTSP IP Camera Streams.
    For a full list see All Features.

Getting Started


  • 1To Create a Live Player simply click on the "New Live Broadcast" button located in the Single Videos section or in your chosen Playlist.

  • 2In the next screen give the player a title and choose your desired Live Player options before clicking on the "Save Changes" button.


  • 1To start streaming your camera you will first need to open the "Broadcast Panel" for your desired Live Player. You can do this by clicking on the "Broadcast Now" button located next to your live stream player.

  • 2With the Broadcast Panel opened, click on the "Select Source" drop down menu and choose IP RTSP Cams as your source.

  • 3A Pop-up settings window will open and ask you to enter your RTSP details such as rtsp://username:password@

  • 4The details are made up of 4 parts.

  • 4.1 - First is the camera username.
    Should be provided by the manufacturer. please check your user manual.

  • 4.2 - Second is the camera password.
    Should be provided by the manufacturer. please check your user manual.

  • 4.3 - Third is your camera's external network IP Address.
    This can be found by going to Google and typing "Whats my ip"

  • 4.4 - Fourth is the network port to be used.
    Please ensure that you have opened port 554 in your router to allow external connections to the camera

  • 4.5 - Now simply give the camera a unique nickname and click on the "Add Cam" button to start using your camera as a live streaming source.

TIP: We highly recommend testing your RTSP Camera and details with a program such as VLC Player to ensure that your ports and configurations are working before adding it as a new source in your broadcast panel.

IP RTSP Camera Live Streaming Demo

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