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We offer affordable streaming video services that comes with everything you need in order to upload, encode, host, embed stream & sell your videos on your website.

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Step 1

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Step 2

Upload Videos or Live Stream

SVP platform enables you to upload or live stream your video content in less than 10 minutes.


  • Internal Uploaders - Upload your video content using our internal uploaders located in the SVP control panel
  • External Uploaders - Upload directly from your own website - Accept video uploads from your viewers or colleague.
  • FTP/HTTP Pull Uploaders - Setup auto-sync jobs(watch folders)or manually pull your video files located on your own FTP/HTTP server into your SVP control panel.
  • All major video formats are accepted
  • Free flash FLV encoding/transcoding
  • No video file size restrictions
  • No video length restrictions

Live video streaming & Live Broadcasting

We provide everything you need to start live streaming today!

Simply connect your webcam or setup your external Flash RTMP video encoder software/hardware, preview and embed the video player on your website and you are ready to go

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Step 3

Publish & Stream Your Videos

Create White-label Video Players, TV Channels & PPV Playlists within seconds.

VideoApps Studio

Pay-Per-View & Password Protected

Single Flash Players

No knowledge of HTML or programming skills is required to put videos on your site. Anyone can do it.

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