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We offer a wide range of features that makes the streaming video process dead easy.

Video Apps & Playlists

Video apps can save you time and money that you'd have spent otherwise trying to develop them yourself. They are made out of separate components such as video players, playlists, search engine, webcast slides, forms, live chat, social sharing tools etc. These components are designed to work together.

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Video Players

To stream your pre-recorded videos or live broadcasts, you need video players. Creating, customising and embedding them on your website is easy. You can choose different types, colours, sizes and functionality to best fit your business, or even re-brand and resell them to your own clients.

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Pay-Per-View / Password Protected

Looking to monetize your videos or live broadcasts? Look no further! In less than 15 minutes you can set up your own private membership access solution and embed it in your website, blog or even Facebook fan page, from where your viewers can purchase a ticket / access to watch your video content.

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Live & VoD Streaming

Stream your HD live & video on-demand content securely, with full control and instant playback, to your viewers - no matter where they are. We simplify delivery to an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices and standards across the web, mobile and connected TVs.

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Video Security & Protection

We offer recognize the importance of video protection & privacy. You get full control over domain name, individual IP and Geo restrictions plus many other options that make your content viewed only by authorized viewers and prevent being downloaded and used by non-official/illegal distribution channels.

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Have you ever wondered where your viewers are located, when and what they are watching and how engaged they are? Our comprehensive analytic tool shows you all that valuable data in real time. The heatmap tracking shows you clearly where your users are most engaged and at which part they are leaving.

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Partners & Affiliates

Don't miss out on becoming part of the hottest and fastest growing online markets! Partner with the most complete and affordable online video platform - and start making money. You can launch your own online video platform today and become streaming video service provider yourself. You can also earn generous monthly commission as an affiliate.

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Developers & APIs

Looking to interact with the platform in your own way? No problem - we have advanced publisher API and JS API that enables you to do pretty much anything. You can upload or create live broadcasts straight from your own website, automate the publishing process, get video analytics, interact with the players etc.

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