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Lock your videos to be only available on trusted domains

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StreamingVideoProvider makes it easy to restrict your playlists so they can only work on allowed domains in just a few steps. Most of the providers do not offer this feature to their customers.

Why should you use the Domain Restriction feature?

Let’s say you have a protected area on your website which is password protected or has a pay wall and you embed the video or video playlists inside this space. Unless you are able to lock down your videos to your domain, everyone can easily see your source code, copy your embed code and paste it one their own website so that others can watch the content for free. This is why we have developed this neat feature that will prevent this from happening.

How to enable Domain Restrictions

  • 1 First go to the playlist that you would like to restrict and click on the edit button next to the playlist name.

  • 2 Now click on the show advanced options button

  • 3 Then type in the trusted domain names which will be allowed to display your video apps & playlists.

  • 4 Please note the default option is blank, meaning that the video app embed codes can be placed on any website without any restrictions.

  • 5 Domain names should be entered without any pre code such ass http or www. example:

  • 6 if you would like to add any further allowed domains you will be able to do so by comma ( , ) separating the domains. For example:,,

  • 7 Once completed just click on the 'Save and Return to my panel' button. This will save your chosen domain restrictions and your playlists won’t be able to be viewed on any other website.

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