Domain Name Video Protection & Security

Protect your video players and apps from being embedded on unauthorized domains

Domain Name Access Restrictions

Domain Restrictions allow you to prevent unauthorized content pirates from using your videos on their website.

Now let’s assume you have published the video on your domain and one of your viewers has visited your website, checked the source section of your webpage and copied the embed code you have used to publish your video. This person would not be able to use the video on his site if domain name restrictions were used.


  • Allowed All – Your video player is allowed to be embedded on any domain.
  • Allowed Only - Only your selected domains will be allowed.
  • Allow All Except – All domains except the entered domains will be able to embed the player.

Getting Started

  • 1To enable domain restrictions and create a Rule Template, which can be applied to other Videos and Playlists simply click on the “Settings” Button located next to the video or Playlist name, scroll down and “Enable Security Restrictions”.

  • 2Once enabled, you need to Create a Security Rule Template give it a name such as “My Restrictions” and click on the “Save Button”.
Domain Name Video Security

  • 3Now click on the Domain choice list and choose your preferred restriction setting such as “Allowed Only”. Enter your domain name excluding ( http://www. ) and hit the “Return Key” on your keyboard to confirm the domain entry.

  • 4When you have entered all the desired domains in your list click on the “Apply Template Changes” button to save your changes in the rule template and now click on the ‘Save Changes” button to confirm and apply the changes to your video or playlist.
Allow / Deny Specific Domains

Applying Created Restriction Rules to other Videos and Playlists

  • 1Now that you have created a restriction rule you can easily apply the rule to other videos and Playlists by clicking on the “Settings” button located next to the Video or Playlist name and “Enable Security Settings” ( You may need to enable “Advanced Options” in the Playlist settings section to see the “Enable Security Settings” button.)

  • 2Now simply choose the previously created Rule template from the drop down list and click on the “Save Changes” button to apply your rule.

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