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Video Players

Players Types

General Features

  • Built-in Flash & iOS detection with auto HTTP / RTMP or HLS delivery
  • Progressive Download / Secured Streaming over RTMP, Live RTMP
  • Auto start and auto reconnect to the live stream
  • Aspect Ratio Correction (use default; stretch to 16:9, 4:3)
  • 4 startup images support including customisable offline overlay text & image for live broadcasts
  • Tag and custom fields support
  • Subtitles support – import from .srt or .sub files or create them from scratch
  • White-Label options (your own branding logo or text or clear branding with external url)
  • Webcast slide manager offering in-sync slides with the video timeline
  • Multiple skins support
  • Player size & video size support
  • Skin colour management

Video Player Generator Options

  • Customisable player skins
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Stretch Mode
  • Auto play
  • Loop video
  • On/Off or auto hide player controls
  • Background colour control
  • Pre buffer video
  • Dynamic HTML generation
  • Save & Load Player Templates
  • AS2 and AS3 Embedding support
  • Default volume control

VideoApps Studio

General Features

  • Quick & Easy to Use - everything is provided as separate components which you can interactively put together to achieve great looking video apps.
  • Wide range of ready to go templates - you can quickly load, customise and publish on your website, blog or social media.
  • One time simple copy/paste embed code procedure is required - then you control remotely.
  • Standard and White-Label options for embed codes and direct url links are provided
  • Multi project support - every app is saved as project. You can save, delete, and overwrite your projects. No limits on the number of projects allowed
  • Main Components: Player, Playlist, Slides, Playlist Horizontal and Drop Down Selector, Slides Switch/Thumbs Switcher, Search Engine
  • Visual Components: Image, Button, Label,Text, Input Field, Select, Tabs
  • Scripting Components: Visual Control
  • Plugins: DirectLink, Social Media
  • Multilayer and positioning support
  • Fully interactive experience

Player Component

  • Player control (skin, size, colour, behaviour)
  • Player type support: Progressive, Secured VoD over RTMP, Live RTMP
    No iOS support

Video Info Component

  • Display relevant video information such video description, custom fields and other metadata

Engagement Component

  • Create clickable annotations that are in sync with the video timeline

Live Chat Component

  • Built-in live chat module plus Twitter and Facebook support

Slides /Thumbs Switcher

  • Automated switch from playlist component to slide component
  • Enables viewers to toggle between webcast slides and playlist views

Engagement Component

  • Create clickable annotations that are in sync with the video timeline

Playlist Component

  • Seamless integration with your existing video playlists and their videos
  • Single playlist mode - relationship with a specific playlists
  • Multi playlist mode - relationship with horizontal and drop down playlist selector from where viewers can load videos from different video playlists
  • Single and multiple players support in the same video app
  • Thumbnails layout direction (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Thumbnails size and spacing support
  • Thumbnails 3 state support (normal, selected and mouse over )

Webcast Slides Component

  • Live steaming support - slides are pushed live by the operator from [Broadcast Now] panel
  • Pre-recorded VoD support - slides are set to appear and change at specific mm:ss based on the video timeline.

Search Box Component

  • Provides search capability so viewers can find videos by title, descriptions and other metadata such as tags and custom fields.
  • Reset and Go option and relationship with the Button component
  • Auto Search support

Image Component

  • Upload, delete, swap images from local drive to your VideoApps Studio
  • Use images in your video apps
  • Http url support when image is clicked

DirectLink Plugin component

  • Text font, size, colour and alignment support
  • External clickable http url support

Label component

  • Text font, size, colour and alignment support
  • External clickable http url support

Text component

  • Text font, size, colour and alignment support

Visibility Control component

  • Show / Hide single or multiple components based on the state of a specific component
  • Multiple Visibility Controls in the same video app are allowed

Button component

  • Normal and on mouse over behaviour support
  • Transparent background
  • Labelling - font, size, colour, positioning , mouse over colour, boarder & highlight colours, fill colours & alphas, over colours & alphas, transparency.
  • Button action - association with other components and custom scripting.

Video Uploading

Uploader Types

  • Java Uploader
  • FTP/HTTP Pull Uploader
  • Desktop Encoder & Uploader App
  • External Uploaders

Java Uploader

  • Up to 10 GB per video file support
  • Single and multiple uploads
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Auto resuming in case of interruption
  • Session resuming support - restores all pending videos from the queue
  • Available as standalone embed (external uploader)
  • Video branding and metadata support

Desktop Encoder & Uploader App

  • SD & HD encoding using auto adjustable settings
  • Wide range of supported video formats
  • Batch processing (Multiple files can be encoded with same settings)
  • Parallel processing (Multiple files can be encoded at same time on multi-core CPUs)
  • Windows XP, Vista and 7 Support
  • Batch uploading straight into your SVP Panel
  • Full state resuming feature on internet failure or program crash during uploads
  • Default and individual video "Settings"
  • Large file size support (over 2GB +)

External Uploaders

  • Java & HTTP support
  • Custom fields form builder with mandatory, visible, invisible options
  • Single and multiple uploads
  • Auto resuming in case of interruption
  • Session resuming support
  • Destination choice by admin or user (send uploads to my single videos or playlists)
  • API support for automatic publishing

FTP/HTTP Pull Uploader

  • Pull files from your own FTP/HTTP servers
  • Manual, Automatic (Watch Folders) or API modes
  • Watch folders - automatically detect newly uploaded files in the source folders and imports them regularly into your panel
  • Video branding and metadata support

Video Encoding (Pre-recorded VoD)

  • All major file formats are accepted - .asf ,.asx, .avi, .3gp, .3g2, .avi, .f4v ,.flv, .m2v, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpg2, .vob, .wmv, .xvid
  • Fast server side encoding with self- decision settings based on input bitrate & quality properties of the original files
  • Flash & iOS support from a single video file - keeping the storage to a minimum
  • H264 and AAC support
  • Immediate publishing for .FLV fle uploads
  • Auto / manual generation of random thumbnails later used for video holding images
  • Automatic notification by email once the upload is ready for publishing
  • API support - various notifications provided between server to server

Live Streaming / Live Broadcasting

  • Full HD 1080p support of up to 4mbits per stream
  • No live channel restrictions - you can have multiple live channels in the same account
  • Choice of publishing options - customisable white-label video players and video apps.
  • Pay-Per-View / Subscriptions - you can easily monetize your live broadcasts using our flexible pay-per-view solutions
  • Flash & iOS delivery all from the same RTMP uplink - this saves you bandwidth
  • Stream instantly from webcam or external live RTMP encoder
  • Live webcast slides push capability - you can push live images, outside of the player in separate webcast widget, to your viewers for webcast presentation
  • Engage with your viewers using the built-in live chat capability
  • Authentication between CDN and Player to avoid VoD or Live video sniffing
  • Low cost solution - regardless of the video quality we charge the same 1 or 1.5 streams per 10 minutes per live uplink or viewer
  • Seamless integration with our EzeCaster - an affordable and easy to use hardware solution designed to stream your video/audio signal 24/7

Video Delivery Network

  • Highly scalable, reliable and fast CDN network built from the ground up
  • HD Live & VoD worldwide delivery, with no buffering and instant playback
  • Progressive Download, VoD over RTMP, Live RTMP and iOS streaming support
  • Load-balance and redundancy in place for all plans - your content is stored and stream from multiple points to avoid single point of failure
  • Authentication between our CDN and Player to avoid VoD or Live video sniffing
  • On the fly service plan adjustment (upgrades/downgrades) with zero service interruption

Video Management

  • Web based panel - access from anywhere your secured web based panel and self-manage everything from uploading, publishing, live streaming, analytics etc.
  • Nothing to download or install - everything is provided as SaaS (software as service)
  • Easy to understand video structure - your content is either shown under single videos or part of a video playlists
  • Easy to organise and find - you can create filters and group your videos based on different tags to achieve folder structures. The search engine makes it dead easy to find your videos.
  • Cloning videos - this is a great way to create a copy of your live or vod videos without taking extra space. The clones show exactly the same video source but are treated as separate videos, ideal when you wish to display the same content in different playlists or websites

Pay-Per-View / Password Protection

  • Quick & Easy Setup - takes less than 10 minutes to set up
  • PayPal & 2co billing gateways support - more gateways are coming soon
  • One time simple copy/paste embed code procedure is required
  • Seamless integration with any websites, wiki or blogs
  • Pay-Per-View or Password Mode
  • Fully customisable playlists/widgets with multiple themes and custom CSS support
  • Works with both - Live and VoD video content
  • Seamless integration within the VideoApps Studio and the rest of its components
  • Flexible PPV options (single, playlist, global tickets and advanced packages)
  • API support
  • Free admin ticket generator - allows you to generate manually tickets that can be sent to users or used with existing ecommerce infrastructure
  • PPV Orders & Password Manager - monitor and manage your sales and tickets
  • Customisations & Localization - set up order confirmation email templates or translate the on-screen messages to your own language

Video Protection & Privacy

  • Permissions by domains or sub-domains
  • Geo & Individual IP restrictions - allow/deny traffic based on IP or geo location
  • No file sharing with other users
  • No video publishing on our or any other website
  • Time frame access restrictions - allow/deny video access based on X number of simultaneous requests within a specific timeframe in conjunction with viewer's IP addresses or Geo location
  • Non-downloadable video source - secured token authentication between the player and the CDN
  • No video title ownership takeover
  • No Ads
  • Password Protection options as part of the video playlists


  • Real-time Statistics
  • Number of times videos are played
  • Number of times videos are shown
  • IP Address of the viewer
  • Heatmaps - mesure the viewer's engagement with your content
  • Time & Date of each stream
  • Country, city and region of each viewer

Partners & Affiliates

White-Label Partners

  • Quick & easy setup - it takes less than 2 hours to launch your own video panel
  • Fully embeddable within your existing website - everything is provided as iframes
  • Wholesale tier pricing model - Get up to 30% discount below our RRP prices and add your own mark-ups on top
  • White-label service with domain masking - retain full control over your clients
  • No restrictions - choose your own profit margins, currency and even language localization
  • Fully automated video platform - your clients get 24/7 access to their own panels from where they can self-manage their streaming
  • White label solutions within your client's panel - enabling them to resell your service to their own clients
  • Instant & free trial accounts - we cover the cost for it
  • No development costs - you sell, we develop at no extra cost for you. Your clients get access to all existing and upcoming features that are included in their service plans
  • No maintenance - No servers infrastructure to maintain - we deal with that


  • 15% recurring commissions on all sales - simply send links or put our banners on your website
  • Personalized affiliate link - use it within your emails, twitter or Facebook conversations to referrer potential clients to us and earn commission
  • Free promotional materials - access our wide range of ready to go banners designed to maximize the conversion rate
  • Advanced tracking methods - tracking IP, Flash and browser cookies for up to 90 days
  • Direct link support - specify entire domain name and receive commission on referrals regardless from which page the clicks came from on that domain
  • Live reports - monitor clicks, pending and confirmed sales, all in real time

Developers & APIs

Advanced Rest API

  • Uploading new video files - video through an asynchronous FTP/HTTP pull operation from a sources predefined by the publisher
  • Listing all existing videos with filtering
  • Deleting a video
  • Receiving (changing) properties of a video (title, aspect ratio, enable/disable, video options)
  • Receiving video statistics - same as video statistics in site in structured XML form (detailed & daily builds)
  • Listing upload sources
  • Listing TV or PPV channels
  • Listing player templates
  • Generating embed codes for video player publishing (option for using pre-configured templates)
  • Receiving publisher's streams amount
  • Listing (receiving) video images
  • Start/stop live broadcast

Video Player JS API

  • Control of video player - play, replay, stop, pause, toggle, adjust, mute, unmute, toggle audio, etc.
  • Set video player parameters - volume, videoID, seek to and play/pause, etc.
  • Get video player information - is playing, is paused, is complete, is muted, is live, etc.
  • Get video player parameters - volume, videoID, stream time/duration, etc.
  • Event handling - player started, playhead update/ending/complete, enter/close fullscreen, etc.

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